a recent BSc. Actuarial Science graduate is the Founder and Executive Director of the Paideia Project. She is also the National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), where she promotes space science activities in her community through different educational programs like astronaut appearance opportunities to inform others of its contributions towards global goals. She comes from a diverse volunteerism background as a 2021 Clinton Global Initiative University Alumna, a climate action advocate with World Wide Fund for Nature United Kingdom and Zambia, where she was a nominee for the 2021 WWF International President’s Award, Harvard Business School’s 2019 Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program that led to her founding the Paideia Project, and many more. She belongs to various youth networks like the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. She uses the skills, knowledge, and experience attained to promote her plight for a holistic approach to education in schools. Finally, she lives on a small dairy farm in the countryside. A writer by day and a stargazer by night.


is the Grants and Partnerships Manager at the Paideia Project. She is a dynamic and dedicated social worker with a passion for improving the lives of vulnerable communities. With a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work, she has developed extensive experience as a caseworker, providing advice and support to adolescents and young people on social issues including mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence. She has dedicated her career to empowering and supporting those in need. She has worked in a variety of settings that include, schools, community centers, and social service organizations. Throughout her work, she has demonstrated an exceptional ability to connect with people, build trust and help them overcome challenges. She is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of young people and communities. As an avid reader, Sheba believes that reading can be a powerful tool for personal growth and development. She hopes to incorporate this passion into her social media platform. .


is a Financial Planner at the Paideia Project. He is a hard-working young professional who aims to excel in his work. He has acquired a wealth of experience in Finance and Accounting, having worked with clients in various industries while working for abacus360, an accounting firm. He is currently serving as an Accounts Officer at Hilton Garden Inn Hotel. He holds a Chartered Accountant Level 2 qualification and is upgrading to the final level to become a fully qualified chartered accountant. With experience in Finance and accounting, he is well-placed to help the organization in the financial management of projects to achieve its goals.


is the Project Coordinator at the Paideia Project. Her career goal is to become an authority in the global developmental and international relations sphere adding value in the private and public sectors. She is a result-oriented and focused individual who continually strives for excellence to deliver high-quality results. She has a passion for education and community work, especially with adolescents. She has gained the necessary skills and experience in this sector, having worked in a reputable international organisation.


is the Paideia Club Coordinator at the Paideia Project. She is a Pharmacist by profession working as a part-time tutor at the University of Zambia pharmacy department. Currently, she is also working as a freelance virtual assistant. Her goals include becoming a lecturer, environmental activist, and an impact mentor to the younger generation. She aspires to become a woman who her younger self admired to become. She is a strong, brave, courageous, hard worker, change maker, and lover of life. Her exceptional achievements this year have been obtaining her degree, serving as a tutor because it sets her on the path to becoming a lecturer, and not forgetting the opportunity to volunteer on the Paideia Project.


is the Social Media Manager at the Paideia Project. He is a multi-talented individual with broad skills and experiences. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Information and Communications Technology with Education, he is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in ICT at the Information and Communications University. As a Tutor in Mobile Programming at the university, Tadashi helps students learn programming languages and develop mobile applications. He has worked on several mobile application projects, including the Advanced Information Management System (AIMs) and the ICU Cyber Security App, receiving the Best Project Award in the category of Mobile Forensics Research in 2022. He is also a Social Media Manager and Digital Media Expert with experience creating and designing digital media content. He is passionate about education, innovation, and climate change action. A quirky fact about Tadashi is that he loves comedy and exploring nature in his free time.


is the Assistant Project Coordinator at the Paideia Project. She is a development professional passionate about project management and child development. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from the University of Lusaka, certificates in community organizing for action, and monitoring and evaluation. Her current pursuit of further education and gaining experience in project management underscores her commitment to achieving her career goals. Her love for children is the driving force in her work and personal life, and she takes every opportunity to create positive change in their lives. Aside from her work in development, she is a content creator and blogger. She enjoys sharing her stories and engaging with others on social networks. She has a warm and welcoming personality that make her an asset to any team. Her determination and hard work ethic are qualities that set her apart.