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The Paideia Project

The Paideia Project is a registered grassroots educational management Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) located in Lusaka, Zambia that supports teaching and learning in schools by interpreting teaching methodologies into interactive classroom techniques. This is done through the development of eco-friendly interactive visual aid (IVA) models from recycled material for equitable and quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

The paideia project
World Wide Fund for Nature and People (WWF) Zambia "New Deal for Nature and People" Launch - Mulugushi International Conference Centre, Lusaka, Zambia

Our Story

The Paideia Project was established in February 2020 by Mwenya Mwamba. She comes from a background of underserved school systems in Zambia. To the surprise of some, inspired her instead to be an avid problem-solver in advocacy for improved education opportunities for her peers and herself. Due to a high pupil-to-teacher ratio at her high school and an atomistic learning style, in her final year there, she created interactive visual aids using recycled material for effective learning and to engage her peers in conversations regarding the climate crisis that made their future uncertain. After noticing its impact, . . .

Vision & Mission


To evolve into a dynamic hub where the transformative power of young minds, fueled by innovative learning aids and proactive youth advocacy initiatives, reshapes the world by revolutionising education practices that foster positive societal change.


To champion quality education through innovative interactive visual aid (IVA) models and proactive youth advocacy initiatives, fostering an environment that empowers and inspires lifelong learners.


The Paideia Project
The paideia's


Why Interactive Visual Aids?

Due to challenges like the high pupil-to-teacher ratio in most public schools, it is difficult for pupils to grasp all concepts in class without interactive visual aids (IVA) models. On the other hand, only the sciences have room for experiments that make dull non-practical academic subjects seem real. There is a lack of additional learning resources that fill gaps caused by many students per teacher, or to support the unique assimilation abilities of learners.

Why Youth Advocacy Initiatives?

In addition, there is a lack of innovation with extracurricular activities in schools that equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute towards different Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and ultimately towards the 2030 United Nations SDG Agenda.

The Approach

The Paideia Project Approach

The Paideia Project establishes climate education clubs in schools called the Paideia Club. The two main club activities include:

Ukupanga Ifishilo

Pupils gain the necessary green skills to enable them create interactive visual aids (IVA) from recycled material with expertise provided by our artists, and educators. These IVAs are placed in their classrooms to create an environment of interest, provide interactive learning, and add vibrancy to their classrooms.

Imesepela Mufitente Fyabo

Youth advocacy activities encourage and engage pupils in civic engagement by imparting them with the knowledge that brings awareness of various societal problems, coupled with their lived experiences to provide solutions to the challenges faced at their schools.

Because we mostly work with children (18 and below), we apply the learning through play approach to our club activities. This enables our participants to have fun while making sense of the world around them.

Our EcoSmart Classrooms

We interpret various subject topics in the existing learning curriculum into eco-friendly interactive visual aid (IVA) models. These IVA models create interactive lessons to fill some of the delivery gaps caused by the high pupil-to-teacher ratio. We would like to highlight that all the green-skills that the pupils gain in the Paideia Club enable them to contribute to the development of the eco-friendly IVA models. In addition, the IVA models/classroom transformation create an environment of interest for the learners. Here are some examples of our classroom transformation exercise.

Classroom Transformation

Here are some highlights from the classroom transformation activities conducted by The Paideia Project. Classes:

Before Classroom Transformation
During Classroom Transformation
After Classroom Transformation

Our Impact

Our programs have inspired community-led solutions and helped fill the education gaps that the community themselves experience. These efforts were created to inspire and develop a cadre of young leaders and change agents in our communities that work together to end systemic inequities, build opportunities, and challenge social and economic injustices and biases.

Most Recent

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Consult With us

The Paideia Project offers education management services to schools and consultation services to organisations. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs. To schedule a meeting or inquire further, please contact us at +260 953 732355 or via email at [email protected]. We look forward to connecting with you.

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