You are currently viewing CLIMATE CHANGE: is an African problem. It is my problem too.

CLIMATE CHANGE: is an African problem. It is my problem too.

As part of the Paideia Project’s continued effort for COVID-19 responses, we made a video presentation on climate change. In this presentation, Mwenya shares a story close to her in comparison with the crossroads that Africa is in with the inequality surrounding the climate change solutions provided to us by the rest of the world. We cannot give first-world solutions to the climate crisis that we as Africa are facing right now. Mwenya hopes for inclusivity as we collaborate in fighting this cause. She encourages every single person to take care of our environment. These small efforts contribute to a better world for us all and future generations.

Photo Credit: Mwaba Chitalima, Mwenya Mwamba,, & Wikipedia.

This is a song by a great friend of mine, he gave me a go ahead adding it to this campaign. Please have a listen:

Joseph Pupe – Green and Clean World Ft. Oracle Green

The Paideia Project uses recycled material to make interactive and creative tools that pupils and teachers can use in schools during lessons and extra-curricular activities. These are efforts used to inform young people about the nature crisis happening in our country and across the globe. This material can also be used to make personal tools for these students, therefore, encouraging creativity being a key concept in recycling activities among young people.

“Adverse climate change is adverse change on our culture.” – Beatrice Mulenga

Follow these links to get more information about climate change in Zambia and the continued effort that some of these organizations are doing for the local people: 

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